Welcome to bBlogs!

By: Joanna Zhang, Josh Mesfin

Hi everyone! Welcome to the bBlogs, the Bioengineering Blogs by BEGS. This is a site dedicated to showcasing what it's like to be a Bioengineering graduate student at UC San Diego. The inaugural bloggers will be blogging consistently about their experiences, likes, dislikes, and overall feelings to help get a sense of what grad school is generally like.

Full disclaimer: the idea of starting up a student-run blog is totally plagiarized. As undergrads, we’ve seen the success of undergraduate and graduate-run blogs that document what it’s like to be a student. What made those blogs unique was that it was completely unfiltered. There were very honest conversations that each blogger had with their audience, whether that meant sharing new things they found interesting to divulging about personal issues they might be having. And through it all, the blogs built a sense of community that we’ve always felt was extremely special. So, we thought it might be an interesting idea to try out here at UCSD. And as quickly as the idea was pitched to others (I kid you not, within minutes!), conversations were going within BEGS to get this idea off the ground. The wildest part about this? There wasn’t any apprehension to the idea: graduate students wanted to blog about anything and everything. The only problem was actually getting enough activation energy to make it into reality. Several months later (after a loooot of procrastination, and we really mean a LOT of procrastination), here we are! We’re excited to release bBlogs as a medium for graduate students within the Bioengineering department to share their experiences and help guide others who might benefit from reading about their blogs.

We hope to start these blogs as an experiment, where we can document our lives, our successes, and our tribulations. Through this blog, we want to share our experiences living in San Diego, the ups-and-downs of research, our recommendations on new places, foods, or things to see, and the trials of adulting. As bloggers, we promise to be unabashedly true to ourselves, and to you, our audience. We’ll learn as we go with this experiment, and we’re excited to see the results. And, if you want, you could always join us in our blogging adventures too!


Josh and Joanna

Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093
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