stinky tofu: KSDT radio segment

By: Alyssa Chiang

One of the things I miss about pre-pandemic life is the KSDT radio booth, the fiercely independent campus radio station. A good majority of the students on campus have never stepped foot in that place, and I think that’s one of the things that makes it special. The people who frequent the place are quirky and interesting, filled with cool stories and experiences - and so willing to share all that. There was always music playing - and it was always different. Occasionally, somebody would be using the soundproof room to record and we’d be able to hear them smashing away at the drums or singing some new tunes. The station is decorated with stickers, a massive chalkboard with the staff faves of the week and some motivational messages, hardcopies of the zine that gets released every month, crayons of every color imaginable, playdough for those who can’t seem to sit still (me), and the space is often filled with conversation about the most random topics. It was a friendly place of nonjudgmental comfort that I found solace in and I miss dearly. 

My cousin, DJ Husky-Weenie, and I started our stinky tofu segment in Fall 2019, to recharge every week from the quarter system. I think it was something that kept my feet on the ground when I was stressed out of my mind. It was a safe place for us to go, an hour a week, to bask in the pixie lights, pick out some new records from the huge collection to play, dance like nobody’s watching, call out to the people who happened to trek by the station to hopefully make their day, and unload our woes without having to deal with them right then. We always bring a certain energy whenever we hang out - better than peanut butter+jelly and Spongebob+Patrick ;) 

The space was also great for exploring the world of music and getting exposed to new sounds. So many artists these days around the world are experimenting with technology and producing unique, distinctive masterpieces that are challenging the music scene that we often see dominated by the ruthless music-label sharks. These days, we don’t necessarily need brand names to make it anymore. This was our time to share the gems we’d found during the week and to dig up more together. So many surprises in our weekly treasure hunt! 

If you’re looking for new tunes to add to your playlist or you’re lonely and want to hear us whisper into your earbuds, join us on Fridays at 11am-12pm on (hit the LIVE button in the top left corner!). We’re currently streaming virtually! 

TL;DR here’s a haiku summary of everything I just said: 

eleven to twelve 
stinky tofu plays music
brings chill friday vibes

And as a bonus for making it this far, here’s a song for ya: Computer Talk by austenyo 
If you ask nicely, maybe I’ll send you a playlist :) 

-your dear DJ spicyinHeels 

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