Perks of Living with a Dog

By: Josh Mesfin

So this is my roommate’s dog: Wilbur! He’s an almost 10 month old dachshund. He's a small boi, but very adorable and can fit in tight places.

I never had a pet growing up. Now that I recently moved into a 3 bedroom with two other people from my cohort, I have the blessing of living with a beautiful bouncing boi named Wilbur.

Although he’s taken him a while to warm up to me and my suffocating love these past few months, he always runs up to me when I come home from a long day in lab to ask for lots of pets and attention!

I thought I’d share pics of him of him being cute (and somehow convince you and/or your roommates to get a pet!).

This is Wilbur posing for a photoshoot:


Here's Wilbur showing how long he is, plus his acrobatics:


Wilbur looking sleepy:


And this is Wilbur individually with his favorite hoomans!!


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