Traveling during Grad School: Exporting Josh’s Photo Reels

By: Josh Mesfin

Right as I graduated high school, I had a realization: I want to see more of the world. Part of me was excited to visit friends and family, but I was more excited at the prospects of exploring a new place and seeing what that new place could offer in terms of its culture.

Although I grew up in NYC, I felt weirdly unsatisfied with just getting to know one city, even though you might argue that NYC can probably give you everything you ever wanted (but I digress, I’m biased).

Throughout undergrad, I tried my best to utilize breaks to travel. Those breaks were few and far in between, and most of the time I had zero net income. Most times I ended up traveling around the Northeast on buses ($1 to 5 bus tickets really worked wonders). I was particularly blessed to intern in different cities during my summers.

So when I came to grad school, I knew I HAD to find different places to travel to. Maybe I made up for a lot of lost time in terms of traveling, but I was able to make a few trips last year during fall quarter.

Here’s a couple of pics that I took from those trips with the beautiful people who came along for the ride!

Oct 2019: Traveled to Chicago (one of my favorite cities!) and Philly for lab retreat and BMES

Nov 2019: Traveled to SF to visit friends living in Palo Alto and Sunnyvale
Dec 2019: Traveled to Barcelona! 
Dec 2019-Jan 2020: Traveled back home to NYC
For my personal trips, I was able to save a fair chunk of money on airfare (I was able to look for flights via an app called Hopper and I promise I don’t get any revenue by recommending the app!) and Airbnbs. The reason why I focused on barebones airfare and housing? So I could splurge more on the more important things: FOOD! I swear this is probably my favorite part of traveling. And, I have no shame being basic by taking pictures of good food when I see it :D.
Let me know if you have any plans traveling (post pandemic, of course)!!! And as we inch closer and closer to getting out of this pandemic, this boy is always dreaming of new places to see.

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